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Welcome to This Croatian Life

I’m Kaleigh Hendershot, just a girl from Seattle, Washington, USA. I’ve finally decided to share my story of how I landed in a beautiful, small country called Croatia. 

I also want to share about travel and lifestyle in Croatia, so I hope you find some tips and funny stories along the way!

Who's this for?

This blog is for anyone who wants to connect with others who live, or has lived, abroad.
This blog is also for those who want to one day.
Honestly, while the challenges of living abroad are vast and wide, in the end I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Please feel free to comment, engage, or ask questions if you too live outside of your home country or one day want to.

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*Hint: Includes suspenseful twist!

I flew home and continued my life and obligations as I had promised. Everything stayed the same except…

Another chapter in my Croatia island experience

I never thought after such a short amount time in one little town, on an island, in Eastern Europe, that I would find…

Visiting Zagreb and making an important, life-changing decision

Tina and I arrived in Split after our all-nighter and two-hour catamaran(essentially a ferry) ride…

I was told to go to Croatia by my aunt’s best friend because she said, and I quote, “It’s the best country in Europe. Girl, you’re gonna wanna pick up and move there!” Pfffft. Yeah right, I thought. And then I flew into Dubrovnik…

I flew home and continued my life and obligations as I had promised. Everything stayed the same except two things: my plan for returning to Croatia and, of course, me. Whatever I had originally planned for my life(I wanted to work for Expedia in Seattle) got put on hold. I just had to get back to Croatia…

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