Hey there! Or, bok!

My names Kaleigh and I’m from the amazing city of Seattle, Washington in the U.S.A.


I picked up my whole life and moved to the country of Croatia in Eastern Europe, where I reside in the capital city of Zagreb.

What’s the blog about?

Well, I can tell you what it’s not about. This is not a travel blog. I REPEAT- this is NOT a travel blog, although some of it IS travel, this a lifestyle blog. The purpose of this blog is to share the love and passion I feel every day about this country since I first set foot in Croatia.

I want to share my day to day experiences, interactions, thoughts, trips, and everything else I experience in Croatia with you. I write to tell my story of how I ended up in this magical country and what living in Croatia is like, especially compared to the United States (believe me, they are sooo different).

And, of course, why living in Croatia is still one of the best choices I ever made.


Atop the cell phone tower fortress on Korcula island, Croatia.

My mission is to connect with others who have either A) moved abroad or B)want to move abroad but not sure how/if they can. Let’s motivate and inspire each other to take that bold leap, whatever it is, to achieve the best life possible.



Feel free to ping me at hello@thiscroatianlife.com  for info on visiting and living in Croatia, or if you’d like to collaborate together!