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Nightlife in Croatia: Why you’ll love it!

May 7, 2018

Nightlife in Croatia Where do I begin? I LOVE nightlife in Croatia. There’s a lot of articles out there about which places to go and party, and while one day I hope I’ll be able to present to you my own list of personal favorites, right now I just want to comb through the differences between American clubs and Croatian…

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Travel Korcula Island: Places you must go

May 4, 2018

Food, drinks, shopping, and experiences Korcula Travel Korcula island if you’re planning a trip to Croatia! Here are some of my favorite places♥ Or of course feel free to email me at for any questions.     Food Konoba Komin When you travel Korcula island, you must go to traditional Dalmatian/Croatian food hub with a beautiful terrace that overlooks…

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Trip to Croatia- Chapter 1

April 26, 2018

Now you’re going to read about my trip to Croatia, the biggest life-changing four weeks I’ll ever have in my life. Last we left off, I had just broken up with my fiance of 2 years and lifetime friend. If you’re coming in late to the story and wanna check out the backstory, or just want some inspiration on ending…

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Before Croatia: Prologue

April 26, 2018

Before Croatia, there’s a prologue to how I landed in the Balkans, on an island, by myself, mystified by the Adriatic Sea! So, bear with me here as I go through the back story. I tell this part of the story for a couple reasons:   To let you know that no matter what the situation, you can, absolutely, without…

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