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A Holiday Romance- Chapter 3, Island Part II

A holiday romance

*The details of this part of my story are shared because they took place before my relationship with my husband. Let it be known that I have the utmost respect and love for him, and of course spoke with him about my potential post content. Thank you to him, for understanding me and knowing that this is all part of my story, and supporting me in doing whatever it is I feel I need to do.



I met Tina downstairs from my room where the terrace to the pizzeria was. She suggested we have a drink there and then move to another place where I could get good, homemade pasta in Korcula (which she also stated was “the best”). We ordered some white wine and started to talk about life.

My photo from Caenazzo and the spot where Tina and I met for drinks! Happy that I took this photo.

She was from Zagreb and working in Korcula for the summer. It was September at this point, so she was pretty ready to leave the island after being there since June. We talked about how I had wound up in Croatia, my recent breakup with Chase, and the other places I was planning on seeing. She asked my birthday and I told her “May 22nd” which she happily exclaimed, “You’re a gemini like me!” She then told me she her birthday was in June and she had just turned 19.


Whaaaaaaat. No freaking way. I was positive she was 27(and told her so) and that she looked way older than 19! She laughed, said she gets that a lot, and after chatting some more about horoscope signs(something I started to see as a common conversational topic in Croatia), decided to head to dinner.


The most beautiful man I had ever seen(or so I thought at the time)

We went to a place called Kolenda. They had hand-rolled pasta, cheesy-macaroni, and truffle cream sauce macaroni (which I ordered of course). We sat outside in the warm evening air, drinking wine, smoking cigs, and talking.


Then Tina recognized someone behind me.


Her hand extended, upon which was grabbed and kissed by someone. I turned around in my chair to face this person, whoever he was exhibiting such chivalry and romanticism, and froze.


A beautiful, handsome, golden-brown-skinned man stood in front of me. I remember that moment like it was yesterday: registering his face and body, both handsome and dark, with a structured jawline and broad shoulders. We shook hands and he told me his name. Now, let’s remember people, I’m from America. I do not know these strange Croatian sounds and names! So I just said to him, “Uh, I can’t say that. Is there something else I can call you?” which he just laughed at.


For the sake of privacy, as Korcula is an extremely small town and I would not want to make this man more popular than I’m sure he already is, I will change his name to Zach.


The start of something new(and short)



Picture of a random beautiful man on the sea- this is not “Zach”! However, the caption to this photo on Flickr made me laugh: The Scottish legend has it that Selkie can take off their seal skins and become human. Male selkies are very handsome in their human form, and have great seduction powers over humans. Be wary of them. They will seduce you and give you the greatest night of your life but their first love is always the sea. Zach, is that you??! Source: Michael Taggart

Tina invited Zach to sit down and join us for a drink. They spoke some things in their mystical language then switched to English. We did the normal introductions and again, when I asked him how old he was (32) I about fell out of my chair!


“You look so much younger!” I exclaimed. “I’d say about… well, 27!” I’m not sure why but every young person in Croatia looks 27, no more, no less. I told this to Tina and Zach and concluded one thing- it must be the olive oil! To this day, I still say all Croatians are soaked in olive oil and that’s why they look so good.


Anyway, Zach asked me what I was doing here and where I was planning on going. I told him the island of Hvar next, but that I wasn’t too sure because I’d heard it’s the party island, a lot of drinking and being messed up, which really wasn’t my thing.

“I’m more of just a have some drinks and relax kind of person,” I told him.

Funny, which isn’t exactlyyy what ended up happening while I was in Korcula buttt we’ll save that for later haha.


“Ahh I like you more now,” he said in a thick accent. I started to feel nervous and awkward. What the hell was happening?

He went to the restroom and while he was gone I looked at Tina in shock.

“Holy shit that man is gorgeous,” I said.

“Do you like him? If you want, I can help,” she replied.

“No no…I don’t okay maybe..I..” I stammered. I had just gotten out of a long relationship. It had been 2 years, maybe even longer, that I had seen or met anyone of remote interest. But I’d never laid eyes on a guy so quickly that made me feel frozen. I’m not kidding you guys, frozen. But don’t worry, I pulled it together.


Energy makes or breaks good looks

What I realized early on with Zach is that it wasn’t just his looks that hooked me, it was his energy.


I will spare some details as I go forward (sorry! 😉 ) but this part I decided to share because it’s a huge part of my story. And, to this day, I have never met anyone like Zach. That relaxed, confident, care-free energy. That fitted white shirt against those brown arms. Yikes. A man so at ease (or at least what appeared to be so), so comfortable with himself and his surroundings, I couldn’t tell if it made me relaxed or like I wanted to jump out of my skin.


Actually, I do know. It definitely made me want to jump out of my skin.


That kinda confidence makes a girl nervous okay?! Or at least it makes this girl nervous.


It was getting late and the point came where it was time to call it a night. I had been saying how I wanted to go to the beach and Tina, being her dynamic self, took the reigns and organized it. She spoke to Zach in Croatian while I sat there mindlessly. After she said to him in English “Ok get her number, my phone isn’t working,” when I so idiotically started saying something about how my phone doesn’t have service, I only have wifi, blah blah blah… like really? What was I thinking? Tina gave me a quick but excruciatingly sharp glance when I realized she was in the process of being a hitch!


She’s a genius! What can I say.

And I clearly was not lol.


So, Zach and I exchanged numbers and we were on- tomorrow in the afternoon to Lumbarda for the beach. And of course, coffee before.


We all get nervous sometimes

I went to bed nervous but excited for the next day. I also wasn’t sure if this guy was interested in me. To be really honest with you, and maybe part of this was just the classic “post-breakup lowered-self-esteem”, but I really didn’t feel I had a chance. As I kept saying, “I lost muh game”. Thus my anticipation for the next day! 


However, I ended up being pleasantly surprised (and realizing I still had some game). But, I’ll save that for the next chapter! Next chapter released on Friday, May 18th♥


So, I find it interesting the way you can meet someone and within seconds have a strange feeling. Have you ever experienced this? Whether it was during travel, a night out, or just a casual encounter, lemme hear it!


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