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Nightlife in Croatia: Why you’ll love it!

Nightlife in Croatia

Where do I begin? I LOVE nightlife in Croatia. There’s a lot of articles out there about which places to go and party, and while one day I hope I’ll be able to present to you my own list of personal favorites, right now I just want to comb through the differences between American clubs and Croatian clubs and get you pumped to come experience it for yourself.


Security and cover charges

My dear, beautiful Dalmatian girl friend Nevena and I in a Balkan music club.

It speaks volumes about American culture that we have to do security checks, where girls have to open their purses and men endure pat-downs before entering the bass-emitting building known as the club.


I’ve never encountered this here in Croatia and feel it’s because of some unspoken, common-knowledge law that you just don’t bring weapons to a club.


The Croatians are here to do one thing and one thing only: party.


They recognize and respect the safety of their fellow citizens and realize that you, believe it or not, don’t need dangerous items to succeed in this!


As for cover charges, clubs do charge an entry fee, however I’ve always had bottle service(because it’s extremely worth it) so I’ve never paid the cover before. Friends tell me it’s anywhere from 30 to 100kn (think 5 to 15 dollars). Already though, you can see nightlife in Croatia is much more affordable.



Are you a smoker? Well, guess what, you’re in luck! Smoke the night away, right from the comforts of your very own table!


No more leaving your friends to head outside to the “smoking section”. And no more waiting in line to re-enter the club, like most American bars and clubs force you to do when you want to smoke a cigarette.


Yes, I’m fully aware that smoking is bad. But you gotta understand Croatia is a relaxed country where smoking is widely accepted- or what I would just label as not shamed like in American culture- and you can smoke in more places than in the States.


If you’re one of the people I know to strongly dislike smoking don’t worry, have a drink or two, and eventually you won’t notice it!



View from VIP section! Notice the tables on the dance floor?!

One thing I’ve noticed about clubs in Croatia is that there is many more tables and seating areas than in American clubs. And nope, you don’t always have to pay! You just gotta come at the right time to snag a spot.


Nightlife in Croatia seems to be more accommodating. Why don’t American clubs offer this more often? Come on, quit forcing people to come to the bar and stand around and hold drinks on the dance floor! And while you definitely have that here also, you have the chance usually to at least grab a standing table with your friends and even order a bottle if you should so choose!


VIP and bottle service

My half-Croatian, half-German friend Katharina and I out!

This leads me to my next point- VIP and bottle service. I am AMAZED at the bottle service- generally around a $100, complete with a bottle of liquor of your choice, bucket of ice, and a mixer of your choice (usually juice) and your own seated section- usually raised about other club-goers- by far outstands the pretentious and exclusive VIP sections in U.S. clubs. 


Now, of course this is similar to U.S. VIP, but why do I always get the distinct feeling it’s way over-priced there? $100 for a bottle, table, and great party location in the club to dance with your friends all night long?! Where can I find this in the States?!



No more “last call” at 1:30 in the morning.

Instead, the party is just getting started at this time! When we go to the clubs here, we don’t normally arrive until 12/12:30- midnight even being too early with an empty club sometimes!- and don’t usually end up leaving until 4 or 5 in the morning.


Crazy right?


I love this way of partying. Nothing’s worse than the dreaded “last call” at 1:30am. Instead, drink at home or at another bar from 9 or 10 in the evening, until you’re feelin’ good and ready to go to the club after midnight!


Coat Check

Nightlife in Croatia does a fantastic- and for some reason difficult job in the U.S.- of a very basic concept called coat check.

Coat check goes something like this in Croatia:

Check in if you reserved a table, or pay your admission fee.

Enter the glorious facility.

See the counter with coat check.

Wait in a small line(if at all), hand the worker your coat.

Pay a small fee (I think around 5 kuna?)

They give you a ticket to keep.

Go party the night away.

Return to the counter with your ticket.

Receive jacket it it’s original form, go home, eat burek, and pass out.

Yep, it’s as simple as that! And every time I do this, I still cannot wrap my head around why U.S. clubs do not have down the basic system of coat check!



Source: “Outlook Festival 2010” by Chris Hoyle

I love a mixture of two types of music when I go out to the club: hip-hop and house. My two favorite clubs in Zagreb usually always mix these, at perfect amounts of time on both types of music, switching at the perfect moment when either genre has run its course, and keeping the crowd singing and as happy as ever.


I’m still not sure if it’s Croatia or just these two clubs and their DJs but for me, I feel that the music played in clubs here is much better. I got a little tired of going to clubs in Seattle where it was either rap/hip-hop all night, or ravey-EDM music. No in between.


So, if you like both genres, singing, and dancing, clubs in Croatia do not disappoint!


There you have it people! Some of the reasons why I love clubbing in Croatia so much! And ultimately just another reason why I love this Croatian life.

I hope you come and get to experience Croatian nightlife. Stay tuned for a full review on best places in Zagreb soon.


What have you noticed about nightlife in other countries? What practices do they do that you’d like to see more of? 

2 thoughts on “Nightlife in Croatia: Why you’ll love it!

  1. A true Croatian…!! You must have had some past life experience!
    As a Catholic, I should not say that (since we don’t believe in reincarnation)…but, It “seems” so obvious? Jour vibe is so Croatian…pravi domaći!
    Dominik is a lucky guy.
    Wish you all the best!

    1. Hi Lav! Your words bring me life- thank you so much! My soul is definitely Croatian and I also think from a past life, hehe! Don’t worry, we won’t tell the Church 😛 thanks for you comment and love the feedback! And Dominik might be lucky, but I’m even luckier! Hugs 🙂

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