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My Biggest Plan – Returning to Croatia

I flew home and continued my life and obligations as I had promised. Everything stayed the same except two things: my plan for returning to Croatia and, of course, me.

Source: “Lost in thought” by Marina del Castell.

Whatever I had originally planned for my life(I wanted to work for Expedia in Seattle) got put on hold. I just had to get back to Croatia. I just had to live there for one year, give it a try, live abroad, experience the life. Please know that at this point it had never even CROSSED MY MIND to move out of the U.S. permanently. I really thought 1 year, maybe 2 if I liked it. It makes me laugh to write this because now I know I’ll never go back to the States- I’m here to stay!

The Plan

I got home in October. My plan was to save as much money as I could to survive without work for a while after returning to Croatia. I would be using my tourist visa days and it’s illegal to work while you’re on those. Based off my calculations that were down to my total cost per day, I’d have enough saved up by March, which means I could prepare and buy my flight for March/April.

But I just had this crazy feeling inside. It was like every day that I woke up, I thought of Croatia. I talked about it all the time. The ones closest to me were probably going CRAZY. I’m sorry, I was just OBSESSED.

I was obsessed with my trip, the sea, and returning to Croatia, that simply amazing country. I think for the four months that I was home it felt only like I was killing time until I could go back.

In regards to this funny little item called a visa, I had no plan. A couple of people asked me about it and to be honest- I just thought it would magically appear when I got back to Croatia.

Source: “Cambodian Visa Extinguished” by Daniel Greer.

Ok, ok, that’s not true. But I definitely thought that it would be easy. So, I didn’t set up any job, plan, nothing.

As my friend says, “The God”

Source: “Angel” by femuruy.

You don’t have to believe in a higher power. I’m not here to convince you of that. I will say, though, that I don’t believe in coincidences and believe that sometimes, whatever you ask for, can really come true.

That’s why I believe in my angels, my protectors, and, most of all, “The God”, the one who has a plan and hears me.

I definitely don’t wanna get too spiritual or religious on here but I do want to tell you what happened.

A Car Accident

On October 28th, 2016, I was driving to work early one morning. A truck made a left turn in front of me but in no way was he clear- I broke as hard as I could but it was already over. I crashed into his front passenger side.

My car was completely totaled. The airbags deployed but I also had my seatbelt on. Thank God for that because I was almost completely untouched. I walked away with a slightly lower back injury, normal in such a high-impact collision, but that was it. I also walked away with a nice reimbursement for my totaled car. Thus, my ability to go back to Croatia suddenly spend up, since I no longer had to stay and work near as long for my desire budget! You wanna talk about fate?! Pff, I know first hand! My car accident could’ve(and should’ve) left me in way worse condition but I like to think my little angels wanted me to come sooner and helped and protected me in that process.

Returning to Croatia Again

In the meantime, I was also looking for some Croatian language courses. Tina’s mom found a school in Zagreb with a 6-week intensive course starting the beginning of February. At work, a colleague was vacationing the month of January. Since I didn’t want to leave my manager short-staffed, I told her I would stay to help cover shifts but, at the end of January when she was back to full-staff, I was outta there! And by outta there I mean out of the States! And she fully supported me. I also told the people I nannied for and they were also 100% behind me. I would be returning to Croatia soon enough!

So it was set- I booked my flight for January 31st back to Croatia. The days absolutely dragged on until then. I purged all my clothes, furniture, and personal belongings. I gave only the small important ones to my dad and everything else away. It felt so good to cleanse my life in that way. I definitely recommend you try it! I set aside only the clothing pieces I absolutely loved, shoved them into three big bags, and off I went!

Arrival to Zagreb- The second time

Meeting my friend Tina at the airport after my long flight back to Croatia.

I flew into Zagreb and Tina greeted me. We hugged for minutes and immediately went for a drink. After that, we went to her house and I saw her mom, Monika. We didn’t even embrace at first, just looked at each other and smiled. Then we hugged. I had officially returned to Croatia.

I settled in for the biggest ride of my life. Everything was different from that day on to this very moment. And, I’ve gotta say, I’m glad I did it all.

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