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Travel Korcula island if you’re planning a trip to Croatia! Here are some of my favorite places♥

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Konoba Komin

When you travel Korcula island, you must go to traditional Dalmatian/Croatian food hub with a beautiful terrace that overlooks the Adriatic Sea! They have the best location for watching the sunset so order a bottle of Posip or Grk, superb white wine made right on the island of Korcula. Komin is special because they cook almost all of their food on a wood fireplace- other places use coals- which adds a rich and home cooked essence.


Komin specializes in a few things that you can’t find elsewhere:

  • Peka: a slow-cooked meat dish with potatoes and other vegetables that became a traditional Dalmatian dish about 300-400 years ago! You can choose between meat or fish. It’s cooked in the fire, tender, and absolutely superb
  • Octopus skewers: Never had octopus? Now’s the opportunity to try!
  • Additionally, I personally love any and all fish from here, the cook’s polenta(ask if they have it!), and their meat and cheese tray.


While I know both the cook and owners, I’m not just saying go here because of that. I’m saying go here, ask for recommendations if you’re still not sure what to order, and get ready to enjoy! They love to help figure out the perfect meal for each individual and create a wonderful, relaxing ambiance for any guest.


And of course- let them know you ran across their restaurant on my blog!



Excellent hand-rolled pasta with an even more amazing homemade cream sauce! I’m a truffle fanatic, so their truffle pasta is my obvious go-to. Even more than that, I have often asked them to combine their cheese sauce pasta with the truffle sauce and THIS, my friends, is to die for.



If you’re looking for a quick yet filling bite, go here and I extremely recommend the pizza sandwich! It might sound weird, but what would be better than melted cheese, ham, and peppers squished between two pieces of toasty bread? Think panini- only a whole lot better!




I’ve spent a great deal of time here, both during my first trip and the summer of 2017 when I worked in Korcula. While it’s view of the bus station isn’t the most appealing, you have comfortable seats, both inside and outside, and a 2nd level terrace if you want to sit above the town and watch passerbys. They generally always play good music, and it’s in a part of the city where you can watch the evening interactions of locals and tourists alike.



Maybe a 1-minute walk(if even that) from Arka, Servantes sits behind the small park in Korcula town. Its beautiful terrace with hovering trees allows for the perfect evening to sit and relax on cobblestone streets while enjoying live music.


Konoba Komin(again)

If I didn’t make the point clear, I’ll say it again: this is the best spot for drinks in the whole town. Did I mention already it’s the best spot for sunset? Regardless, be it daytime, sunset, or night, you can sit up above the water at a candlelit table with a glass of wine and contemplate life(I did this many a time). Who wouldn’t want to do that?!



The church tower

Just a peek from when I was there! The picture doesn’t do it justice.

You will have to pay to do this, but if I remember correctly it’s reasonably priced AND totally worth it. If you travel Korcula island and want to see it from a different perspective, you must go to the old square in the middle of the Old Town, enter the church(you can’t miss it) and hike up to the clock town and take in your 360 view of Korcula and the Adriatic Sea!


Hike up to the cellphone tower

If you’re into the outdoors and nature, this is for you! Similar to the church tower- except farther away but free!- is a hike up to the cell phone tower and a-used-to-be fort. When I came here, there was a nice old Croatian man who sat up top on the lookout for fires so don’t be alarmed! Here, you can see much more than in the church tower: the old port of Korcula, residents’ homes, and get a really good feel of the layout of the Old Town. I highly recommend this, especially at sunset, as it is one of the most breathtaking views in Croatia.


Live music in Servantes

Looking for something to do in the evening? Servantes cafe bar has live music every night until 11 pm! They rotate bands/musicians throughout several of the bars every night of the week, but this is the best ambiance for me to listen to good guitar, songs, and relax. They often put out candlelight here too, which totally sets the mood for a perfect date night!



On the taxi boat to Korcula.

Want a beach day with sand? Hitch the bus to Lumbarda! You can ask around and be directed to the bus station where you can find out the times the bus leaves to Lumbarda. Tickets are super cheap or you can put out a little extra money and do what I would recommend if you’re a tourist- take a taxi boat! I did this my first trip to Korcula because I wanted to be on a boat and take it all in and man, I don’t regret it.


That freaking water.


I’d never seen a sea like that! The cool Croatian man manning the boat was super relaxed as we chugged along to a different part of the island. Just be aware: while the boat does take you to Lumbarda, it drops you off close to one beach, but there is another just a short walk away. Traveling Korcula island is super easy- just make sure to ask your boat driver for directions if you want to go to the other beach!



Prirodni Nakit

(Zagreb name: Zlatarna Siroka)
Check out their Facebook here!

The jewelry shop that I purchased a beautiful and special set of pearl earrings and ring, as well as a lapis lazuli ring from during my backpacking trip summer 2016! All handmade, I absolutely adore these pieces.


I bought them the first time I traveled Korcula, not knowing that I would later come to work in one of their shops the summer of 2017. Regardless, this shop is owned and run by an amazing family for 3 generations. Their jewelry is handmade, natural, and stunning. Their products consist of turquoise, pearls, lapis lazuli(a gorgeous dark blue stone), other pieces, and the renown Adriatic coral– an absolute MUST HAVE if you are visiting the Adriatic Sea. Think high-class souvenir– yeahhhh.


Everything is sterling silver or gold-plated, but don’t worry, if you’re looking for pure gold, they have a selection for that as well! Just ask them- they are some of the most helpful and kindest people you will ever meet.


T-Shirt Shop next to Komin

A T-shirt is always a good takeaway, but how do you stay away from the generic “I love _____” shirt?! Easy! Next to Konoba Komin sits a unique t-shirt shop, with the graphics designed by a local designer right in Korcula. The pictures are equally unique and pleasing to the eye; their placement of “Korcula” is perfect, unlike the often-seen obnoxious souvenir shirts. And hey, maybe that’s what you want! But if you want a cool, different souvenir, the t-shirt shop next to Konoba Korcula is the place to come!


Didn’t get a suggestion for what you’re looking for?

Message me, please! I LOVE to help people travel Korcula island, assisting in exploring both the city and island that I fell so in love with. I have some connections there also so if I don’t have an answer for you right away, I will do my best to find out for you!

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